About Us

Loan U.S.A. - America's Pawn Shop:

In 1993 father and son opened Loan USA, Inc. in their hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts becoming the first pawnshop to re-open in the city since the 1970s. Starting out we were a small group of four working full-time, six days a week to figure out what this community needed. We knew that honesty, integrity, and top-notch customer service are valued most. From then on we made it our business to keep these values at our core and help everyone who walked through our front door get the money they deserved.

Since that time 25 years ago we added two stores, one in Springfield, MA, and one in Lawrence, MA, to better serve the western and northern parts of the state. We've been featured in The Worcester Telegram, Worcester Magazine, Worcester Business Journal, Springfield Union News, Lawrence Tribune, and most recently we were featured on ABC 40 Springfield. Most importantly, our hard work and commitment to our customers has shone brightly since 1994, when we secured the first A+ Better Business Bureau rated accreditation for a pawn shop in our state.

Our drive to please our customer base has never faltered and as stated before, we are family owned and operated. With a 2nd and a 3rd generation pawnbroker at Loan USA, our history and commitment will never be forgotten. Thank you for the first 25 years and we look forward to serving you for generations to come.